Check out my article on page 122-123 of Inside Fitness Magazine, for the rules to last the long haul in the gym. In stores now.

Check out pages 152-153 of Inside Fitness Magazine for my latest article on innovative cardio methods for fat loss and conditioning. In stores now.

You forgot to set the image for this post (Form Follows Function).

I’m back in print, this time with Inside Fitness Magazine. Get your copy and flip to page 146, for a two page feature called “Stretching: You’re Doing it Wrong”, written by none other. That’s my 13th print appearance for the year - a good place to close things out.

I’m in the October/November 2019 issue of Inside Fitness Magazine, with a 2 page article on training for bad backs (pg 148/149). In stores now. Find your copy like Jake Gyllenhaal.

I’m in the April/May 2019 issue of Inside Fitness Magazine with a 2 page article "Lateral Shifts" on pages 142-3. Pick up your copy in stores now.

I'm in the June/July issue of Inside Fitness Magazine with a feature on page 126-130 on maintenance training. Cash me in print.

Catch me in the February issue of Inside Fitness for my 4 page feature (pg.148-151) that gives you a size and strength program for the ages.

Grab the November issue of Inside Fitness, and check my feature on page 92-96... if you want great glutes, that is.

Grab the October issue of Inside Fitness and flip to page 94 for my 5 page feature that zeroes in on the assistance moves you should be doing for size.

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