I have an 8 page feature in the October issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine - “Power through the Pain” introduces lifting hacks to train around bad joints (pg 78-85). In stores now. Catch up like tomato sauce.

In in the September issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine, with a feature in the “Ask the Experts” section. Check out my tips for a stronger deadlift. In stores now.

I have a 9 page feature in the February issue of Muscle and Fitness (p108-116), with more bodyweight training tips and ideas. Check it out in stores now to get your copy!

Cash me on pages 114-121 of the January 2019 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. I have an 8 page feature article on Bodyweight Training for Big Guys to kick off the year. Get like Mason Crosby.

Catch me in print on pages 110-117 of the November issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine, with my article “Back Attack”, all about.... you guessed it. In stores now. Jump on it like Will Smith.

I've got 2 features in the new print issue of muscle & fitness (april 2018). my 3 page spread "emergency workout" on pg 43-45, and my 2 pager "5 reasons your hang clean sucks" on pg 54-55. get it percolating like mary j. blige.

Get a hold of the January issue of Muscle & Fitness and flip to page 48, for my article all about the alternating Z Press. As a bonus, check out page 66 for another article on Tabata training. Get 'em while they're hot!

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