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Follow these important rules for taking your workout outside.

Gyms may still be closed due to quarantine orders from COVID-19, but that still leaves training outside at your disposal (just be sure to social distance and cover your mouth and nose).

Naturally, many may see this as a fitting option compared to being cooped up in a poorly equipped home gym (if you have a home gym that is).

Don't retire exercises – modify them instead

There’s no excuse for pushing through pain and force-feeding movement patterns that don’t agree with your body type. Even so, relegating an exercise to pasture should only come through a fair share of trial and error.

These will wreck your shoulder joints. Here's why, plus a better option.

This exercise is still commonly used, even amongst trainers who should know better. A lifter suspends himself across two benches while his trainer or lifting partner loads several 45-pound plates across his lap.

When you've got some extra time to kill, training every day can feel like a tantalizing option. Should you do it? Sure, but only if you're going to do it right. Here's how.

The idea of high-frequency training rises in appeal periodically, usually based on circumstances. Maybe you live next to (or work at) a gym and see the possibility of training every day. Or maybe a global pandemic puts the gym entirely off-limits, and you’re finding that you have plenty of time to kill each and every day in your home gym.

Movements that spit in the face of logic

Exercises aren’t contraindicated – people are. That means it’s on us to choose the right exercises for the right body type, injury history, and goal. But there ARE a few commonly botched exercises that are inexcusable, and that transcends simply not having the right “build” for it.

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