Weights might not be sexy, and maybe even a little scary. But with all the new classes and trends out there, this one's worth the read.

How many fitness class junkies do you know who have the body you ultimately want?

… Unless what you want is to be able to fit into a size 0 or 1 dress, with next to no “firmness”, a comparable body fat percentage, and no appreciable strength.

I’m prepared for the possibility of a flux of hate mail to my inbox. Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, Step Classes, Dancercise, Muay-Thai-Fit, and any other abomination of the concept of training for fitness are all sub-par methods of making your body composition change the way you want it to – once again – ifyou’re not after the above.

We've all heard of the business of CrossFit. But are you part of the CrossFit of Business?

I think the wave of technology has gotten to us.

These days, it’s really easy to get quick popularity if you make proper use of social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to do so. Being an unregulated industry, fitness and strength training has no jurisdiction and therefore it’s really up to the onlooker to decide whether or not a coach is competent.

..Because chicks dig the dunk .

Every year I watch the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA all-star weekend. Even though the creativity of the dunks and the contest setup itself has made a drastic nosedive since Vince Carter’s electrifying stint of the year 2000 (and I won’t evenbegin to describe this year’s debacle), what never ceases to impress me is the sheer athleticism these players display in the event.

Listen, they’ve got a lot going for them – they’re genetic freaks of nature with an abundance of God-given talent. Plus, having a 37-inch vertical coupled with a 6’8” frame isn’t a bad place to start.

Why didn't I bring this up earlier?

I like the split stance stuff as much as the next guy.

I consider lunges and split squats to be just as important as squatting to develop the legs, be it for strength, size, or even general conditioning and mobility.

The truth is, it’s hit or miss when it comes to commercial gyms – where I spent the first 4 years of my training career. Some clubs will have better, more specialized equipment available than others, but in most cases, you’ll have to makeshift for specific needs. Take the glute hamstring raise machine, for instance. This wonderful piece of equipment makes life hella easier when compared to its bodyweight counterpart. Unfortunately, box gyms haven’t hopped on the wagon just yet.

Are you or people you know "selling out"? Don't let it happen!

When it comes time to get started in any given industry, many times a newbie has a choice to make. Less a few technical industries, the self-made, built-to-last method takes years of development, and leads to a lasting reputation and usually an important contribution to your industry as a whole.  The other route may be

Clients: Has personal training left you fat and injured? It's your fault too!

Recently, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post explaining why I believe personal trainers have a bad rap in the big picture. I still stand by this. The truth is, if you log on to facebook, twitter, Instagram, and the like, you’ll be exposed to plenty of videos of clients getting put through all

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