Unprofessional? Blasphemy!

The truth is, you’ll always have haters out there. The more my public profile develops, the more frequently I’m reminded of this. In my last blog article, I made mention of the importance of building relationships in the industry. In the upper tiers of any industry, people who are at the top are usually humble,

With everything from heavy deadlifts, to awesome movies, to Internet trolls - It's been a good year.

Well, it’s that time of year again. In just a couple of days, my inbox will be flooded with inquiry messages of New Years’ Resolutionists who are looking to turn over a new leaf for 2014. To add to this, the wave of existing clients (who may have been less than consistent over the last

Drake, If you're reading this: let the haters hate; I'm here to help.

Okay. If you’re a fitness and exercise enthusiast, chances are the last couple of months haven’t gone by without you at least catching a glimpse of a short YouTube video of October’s Very Own doing some deadlifts.  Check it out below. There’s definitely worse out there… But your form DOES need tuning up, Drake. Bigtime. 

Lifters like to use big movements. Moreover, clients like to see results. It's time to refine your list of "correctives" to the real moneymakers.

This is probably in good timing since my last post was all about prioritizing the big movements.  As I mentioned, many gymgoers both choose to believe, and are erroneously taught that they should be doing every assistance exercise under the sun while avoiding the continuous practice of the primal movements until they’re “ready” to train

When the point of the typical fitness test strays from what really matters in the world of training, I raise an eyebrow.

This website is generally overrun with content that supports the use of the basic movement patterns and moreover actually training as the best way to see results. And I still believe that. Simply put, there’s a difference between understanding what assistance exercises to apply to your workouts to help the efficiency of both those movements

I believe that taking time to bite the bullet and work for your local Globo Gym can be the best choice of your career - and here's why.

It’s a funny feeling, because I’m still in my 20s, and still feel like I haven’t accomplished a thing in this industry, looking at the big picture.    As a matter of fact, I probably won’t feel like I’ve legitimately developed any sort of mastery over my craft until I’m at least 40. But as

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