3 Exercise Assessments. ONLY $105USD.

    Here’s what to do.

    1. Make sure the workout space is well lit, with a clear view of you. Camera phone uploads are fine, as long as the camera phone isn’t from 2005. I need SOME video quality to get by.
    2. Choose your angles with my critique in mind. I’ve found that in MOST cases, a 3/4 angle from the front or back is ideal for me to catch everything.
    3. Don’t send me a clip of your 1 rep max looking for form tips. Chances are, if it’s truly your max, your form will never be perfect in any lift. Use this service as a way to critique your sub maximal work. Even a set of 3-5 can suffice. Developing foundation and quality at lower loads will set the tone for heavier efforts.
    4. No need for fancy editing. Each video shouldn’t exceed a minute in length – you know, the duration of your preparation, and of course, your working set. This works best when things are brief and to the point.

    Upload a video of yourself doing the exercise in question (up to 3 exercises).

    If your video file is too large, you may upload the video to YouTube first, and then place the URL here

    It’s that simple! Name, Email, Video. Click send, below, to be sent to PayPal.