Lee Boyce – GoodLife Canada 2022


Please note that these events are exclusively available for GoodLife Employees only.

Anthropometry, Leverages and The Big Three:

Applying common sense to popular lifts to train your clients’ body types.

This seminar is from 10AM – 4PM at the GoodLife Clinic in Nova Scotia and would contain:

  • General principles and walk throughs of warm up protocols to set the foundation for what’s to be worked on.
  • Deeply detailed walk through of the basic technique for each of the squat, deadlift, bench press movement (should be a review).
  • A look at the “ideal body type” for each movement, and other body types that would create a bit of hassle for strength/safety.
  • Training modifications/adaptations/adjustments for lifters with unfavourable leverages to better suit each lift.
  • Accessory movements/drills to give a lifter the best possible chance of success in the movement at its core.