Eric Cressey

Lee Boyce is one of the more innovative guys I've come across in the fitness industry. I enjoy his work - and I'm sure you will, too!

– Eric Cressey - President, Cressey Sports Performance
Tim DiFrancesco

Lee Boyce is one of the good guys this industry needs more of! Not only is he on point when it comes to training and helping people get results, but he’s an even better person. His no-nonsense, in-the-trenches approach, along with his exercise science knowledge makes him someone you need to seek out!

– Tim DiFrancesco – Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
Dan John

Lee Boyce reminds me of the Irish Nuns who taught me: when he takes you aside and points out an ‘issue’, you’re about to get the truth. And, true, the truth will set you free - but it might leave a bruise. I always appreciate Lee's other attributes, too: he lifts heavy and hard and looks the part. He also understands that not everyone wants to "lift heavy and hard and look the part." He has a rapier wit, so don't get offended too soon or too often as there is gold buried in his little digs of humor.  Enjoy. Lee is a fresh voice in this industry.

– Dan John, World Renowned Strength Coach & Speaker, Author of Never Let Go
Buddy Morris

As a coach of physical preparation for over 36 years, I have prided myself on the fact that I continually read and seek out knowledge to provide my athletes the best training environment possible, from programming to recovery to the smallest of details like sleep - and thanks to guys like Lee, my knowledge continues to expand and my system evolves. Lee is definitely one of my 'knowledge enhancers' who I rely on for informative, clear cut training ideas and applicable methods that deliver results!

– Buddy Morris, Head Strength & Conditioning coach, Arizona Cardinals (NFL)
Sean Hyson

When I put together the 101 Best Workouts of All Time book, I knew such a collection would have to include something from Lee Boyce. He's a sincere and hard-working coach who has plenty of great ideas and a lot to offer about training—that's why you see his work regularly in the pages of Men's Fitness and Muscle&Fitness magazines. The shoulder workout he contributed to the book is one of my favorite routines.

– Sean Hyson, Strength Coach, former Training Director for Men's Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines
Matt Nichol

Lee Boyce is an up and coming star in the fitness game, and a talented writer who actually practices what he preaches. Lee brings a refreshing and practical approach to strength and conditioning for the masses.

– Matt Nichol, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), 2002-2010. Owner/Founder of Biosteel Sports Supplements
Dr. Bret Contreras

Lee Boyce talks the talk and walks the walk. He puts in the time training himself, training other people, and reading up on strength & conditioning, which is a necessary combination if a fitness expert is to reach his full potential. Lee has a knack for clearing the clutter and sticking to the important, practical tips that you can use next time you go to the gym. Keep it up Lee!

– Dr. Bret Contreras, PhD, Strength Coach, Author of Strong Curves
John Meadows

One of the most rewarding things to me as a coach is seeing the growth and development of a student. I’ve watched Boyce continue to grow and learn at a rapid rate, to now become a fantastic coach himself.  I look forward to seeing him continue along this path as his future is bright.

– John Meadows, World Renowned Strength Coach, Physique Coach, and Pro Bodybuilder
Ramsey Nijem

Lee takes exercise science and makes it practical by simplifying the complex. No jargon, no BS; just easily digestible information to help you get results. His body of work speaks for itself and he’s definitely a guy you should be listening to in the fitness industry.

– Ramsey Nijem, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach – Sacramento Kings (NBA)
Christian Thibaudeau

Lee is one of my favourite discoveries in the world of training these past years. He has such a high passion for every facet of the lifting game and a strong desire to walk the walk that he has my utmost respect. I'm always impatiently waiting to read his work and see what new cool thing he has brewing!

– Christian Thibaudeau, Strength Coach, Speaker, Author of The Black Book of Training Secrets
Lou Schuler

Lee is one of the bright young talents in the fitness industry today. I always learn something new from his articles, and I think he's one of those guys who'll do big things in his career.

– Lou Schuler, Award-Winning Journalist, Author of The New Rules of Lifting
Tony Gentilcore

I respect Lee for a variety of reasons. He's a superb coach who understands functional anatomy and how the body works. He's a superb writer and educator and is able to take complex topics, simplify them, and make them more easily accessible and understandable.

– Tony Gentilcore, Strength Coach, Author, Speaker
Nick Tumminello

Lee Boyce isn't just a fitness pro, he's profound! He's a valuable training resource that provides effective, creative training solutions to common problems athletes and exercise enthusiasts face.

– Nick Tumminello - World-Renowned Strength Coach and Speaker, Author of Strength Training for Fat Loss, 2016 Award Winner, Personal Trainer of the Year (National Strength & Conditioning Association)

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