lee_clip_outI’m a strength coach who works with clients and athletes for muscle, strength, and sport performance, and I’m based in Toronto, Canada. I’m also an internationally published fitness writer who’s regularly featured in many of the world’s largest publications, like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Esquire, The Huffington Post, Men’s Journal, and T-Nation. You can find plenty of my published web work on this site, and get the heads up when my print work hits newsstands. I’ve done plenty of fitness segments for various TV and radio stations, including Global, CBC, ABC News Radio, Sun News Network, and CP24. I also ran track at the National level in university as a sprinter and long jumper.

In my blog section, you’ll find that I rarely ever speak about “fitness tips” that you can bring with you to the gym. I’ve written literally hundreds of published articles that take care of that. I prefer to use blog articles to expose fallacies that exist within the fitness community from more of a sociocultural perspective. I’m the guy who will say the things the rest of the industry prefers to keep a still tongue about. I deliver the scathing truths about how a number of things in the fitness and health culture that might seem “good” can actually be just as harmful as not pursuing fitness and health at all. It’ll force you to think outside the box and intelligently examine just why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Some of the above sounds pretty grim, I know. Truth is, I’m just a guy who enjoys the science of strength and conditioning training, and who enjoys actually doing it too. I’m a generalist, meaning I haven’t completely adapted to one particular style of weight training – I enjoy practicing a variety of them in different, well-thought-out phases during the year for the experience, added knowledge and fresh challenge. To boot, keeping an open mind has allowed for some great opportunities to spread the word through writing, videos, TV/Radio media and public speaking appearances.

If you’ve read this far, it shows that you have a mind for fitness that is similar to my own – it transcends cookie-cutter programs or blanket training cues. You’re not into training hard just for the sake of impressing others. And that is where what I’ve got to offer on this website can be of value to you.

Especially coming from a point of being a former skinny guy without an ounce of muscle to his name, I’ll admit it – I have a low tolerance for the fluff that saturates my industry, and you’ll probably notice that intolerance by roughly the second paragraph of any of my articles. I’m no cheerleader, and I definitely aim to tell it like it is – even when the truth hurts.

But all of this doesn’t mean you should listen to me.

But if your goals include getting stronger, looking better, becoming more athletic, or just generally leading a lifestyle that properly includes fitness and health, you may be interested in what I have to say. It’s time for a voice of reason the commercial fitness game has been sorely lacking. And it’s been catching on, because my audience is growing. 


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