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Spring 2022 Special Issue

Muscle Memory Magazine

1.5 Reps for Serious Muscle

Check out my first article for Muscle Memory Magazine, all about a little-used advanced lifting method for hypertrophy (page 16-20). In stores now!

March 2022

STRONG Magazine

Spring Body Reboot

Check out my latest in the March 2022 issue (pg. 50-57) for an 8 week program to get you right for the spring. 

January/February 2022

STRONG Magazine

Hit Rock Bottom

Hit Rock Bottom
Hit up my 6 page spread on deficit training called “Hit Rock Bottom” on page 50-55. And jump on it like Will Smith.

January/February 2022


Home Gym Awards

Check out the full article, including my recommendation - the ANCORE training system;
It comes with multiple attachments and removable weights. I dig it, and it belonged in the magazine. Find out more about it by hitting up my boys at ANCORE on Instagram.

November / December 2021

STRONG Magazine

Jump To It!

Hit up the November/December issue of STRONG Magazine to see 2 contributions from yours truly.
As an advisory board member, I’ve got a piece inside the front cover in the “Expert Advice” column, and then I’ve got a 4 page feature called “Jump To It!”

September / October 2021

STRONG Magazine

Body of Work [pg. 68-71]

Nice four page spread called “Body of Work”
specifically for the ladies for some hacks specific to the female anatomy. In stores now.

July / August 2021

STRONG Magazine

Save My Spot [pg. 66-69]

For the second consecutive issue of STRONG Magazine
Check out my 4 page feature (pg. 66-69) "Save My Spot" in the July/August 2021 edition, to help troubleshoot safety approaches for common lifts. In stores now!

June 2021


Every Body is Strong

Glad to join forces for “Every Body is Strong”
A piece on training the right way for your body type and proportions. A seed has been planted...

May/June 2021

STRONG Magazine

Core Values [pg. 68-71]

Jump on it like Will Smith.
[LADIES] I'm back in print, with a 4 page feature in STRONG Magazine's May/June issue, on newsstands starting this week. Catch my innovative core training directives on my article "Core Values" on pages 68-71.

December/January 2021

Inside Fitness

Play the Long Game

Know the rules of the training game, and follow them closely for longevity.
Check out my article on page 122-123 of Inside Fitness Magazine, for the rules to last the long haul in the gym. In stores now.

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