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Stuff I Learned in 2023

I heard somewhere that the passage of time appears to “fly by” so much more when you’re getting older compared to when you’re a young child, not because you’re simply…

Fitness: Stop Making Everything So Dramatic.

With the holidays imminent, I figured this would be a worthwhile subject to take into the new year. As inclusive a space we try to make the physical gym become…

The Truth about “Good” Fitness Information

It’s been months since I’ve written a blog article, for two primary reasons: First, I’ve been quite busy. Work can pull me in a few directions at the same time,…

Stuff I Learned in 2022

This year went by in a hurry. And only one blog article per quarter to lead up to my summation of 2023? That’s not good, but I should have more…

It’s Time to Make Fitness Desirable Again.

There’s no real way to slice it: we’re losing our way. At the behest of social media and other forms of distraction, we’re getting caught up in a matrix of…

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