Television Appearances

He delivers the brutal truth about training, and has a mainstream reach.

The Morning Show – Get the most out of your home workout

The Morning Show – Parenting Playbook – Should kids’ sports culture be softened?

The Morning Show – Canadian kids are getting a failing grade when it comes to physical fitness

The Morning Show – Essential workout gear for every gym bag

The Morning Show – Are digital trainers effective?

The Morning Show – Improving your posture through exercise

The Morning Show – Debunking Common Fitness Myths

The Morning Show – Your real age vs. your ‘training age’

The Morning Show – The Importance of Proper Form in Your Workout

The Morning Show – Avoiding injuries during your New Year’s workout

The Morning Show – Can you Get and Keep a Hollywood-style beach body?

The Morning Show 2017: The Morning Show – Stay Fit as you Age

The Morning Show: Keeping your 2017 fitness goals going as we head in to the spring

CBC News: Toronto at 6:00 – New Years Resolution Tips for Getting into the Gym Routine

The Morning Show – Fitness Selfies and Online Trainers

The Morning Show: Is Running the right sport for you?

CP24 Breakfast – Get Rockstar Fit (part 2)

CP24 Breakfast – Get Rockstar Fit (part 1)

Sun News – Ask the Fitness Exper

Sun News – Attack your Back Pain

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