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Breaking Muscle

How to Increase Your Bench Press

Tips and tricks to boost your bench.

“How much do you bench?” It might be the most frequently asked question among hardcore “gym bros” and experienced gym veterans looking to establish a pecking order, as well as curious beginners looking to strike up a conversation.

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More fundamental ways to build your back and arms.

The pull-up is what many experienced trainers refer to as the “king of upper body exercises.” Although the common gym narrative is to test your worth by finding out how much you bench press, there’s so much more athleticism, utility, and overall transfer from testing your pull-up ability.

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Avoid These 3 Training Rabbit Holes

Fall Into One and Watch Progress Stop

The gym is filled with rabbit holes you can fall into, rabbit holes that will make you stay your same, doughy self. Avoid these three.

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This squat variation can deliver bigger legs and stronger knees.

Many lifters prioritize barbell exercises like squats and Romanian deadlifts, but an aversion to machine exercises can make lower body workouts less effective, and it can make gains harder to come by.

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Breaking Muscle

The 5 Best Exercises For Tall People

Got long limbs? Here’s how to build more size and strength with less joint pain.

It’s time for a quick lesson in physics. Don’t be scared; the training talk will begin soon. The definition of Work is “Force x Distance.”

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