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May/June 2013

Reps Magazine

Killer Complexes for Fat Loss

Pick up the May/June 2013 issue of REPS Magazine, to read the latest dose of fat loss complex training courtesy of yours truly, and my co-author Jon-Erik Kawamoto.

April/May 2013

Inside Fitness

Inside Fitness – Fat Loss

Pick up your copy of the April/May issue of Inside Fitness Magazine, and check out my contribution to their fat loss section on ways to torch fat.

March 2013

Men's Fitness

5 Training Solutions for uncommon mistakes in the gym

Like the title says, my article on page 20 will find the fixes for mistakes that most don't know they're making
Like the title says, my article on page 20 will find the fixes for mistakes that most don't know they're making

February/March 2013

Inside Fitness

Advanced Lifting Methods to Add Size and Strength

Be sure to grab a hold of the February/March 2013 issue of Inside Fitness Magazine, where you'll find 2 contributions by yours truly, including a 5 page feature on advanced lifting methods for strength and size!

Fall 2012


Killer Workout Finishers

Be sure to pick up the Fall 2012 issue of STACK magazine for my feature article on Workout Finishers! (p. 39).

Muscle & Fitness

Training in a Poorly Equipped Gym

November 2012
Grab hold of the November, 2012 issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine for my 5 page feature spread on workouts in a poorly equipped gym (pg 144).

October/November 2012

Inside Fitness

“Perfect Balance” 6 week strength program

Pick up the Oct/Nov 2012 issue of Inside Fitness Magazine for My Co-authored article with Jon Erik Kawamoto (pg 112).

September 2012

Men's Fitness

Get Wider Shoulders

Be sure to pick up the September 2012 issue of Men's Fitness magazine for my article on a cool new shoulder routine.

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