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This squat variation can deliver bigger legs and stronger knees.

Many lifters prioritize barbell exercises like squats and Romanian deadlifts, but an aversion to machine exercises can make lower body workouts less effective, and it can make gains harder to come by.

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Breaking Muscle

The 5 Best Exercises For Tall People

Got long limbs? Here’s how to build more size and strength with less joint pain.

It’s time for a quick lesson in physics. Don’t be scared; the training talk will begin soon. The definition of Work is “Force x Distance.”

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When you're short on equipment, bodyweight workouts can save the day. And these workouts are no joke. Check it out.

While bodyweight moves are good for conditioning and burning fat, you can use bodyweight workouts to build muscle as well. To do that, you need to mix the right movements with the right amount of volume.

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Men's Journal

The Best Chest and Back Workout for Men

Here’s a pump. New work on Men’s Journal.

There’s no shortage of vanity training happening at your local gym. International chest day isn’t only reserved for Monday mornings anymore, and the mirror muscle craze is alive and well.

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