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October 2020


The Multi-Tasking Muscle Builder

Catch my Functional Training 2.0 workout in the “Body” section of the October issue of Men's Health, in stores now. It’s called “The Multi-tasking Muscle Builder”, and you can find it on pages 18-19.
Check out my 4 page article in train magazine (pg 40-43), to learn the ropes of dumbbell training. in stores now.

August/September 2020

Inside Fitness

Cardio Kick

Check out pages 152-153 of inside fitness magazine for my latest article on innovative cardio methods for fat loss and conditioning. in stores now. 
Check out pages 152-153 of Inside Fitness Magazine for my latest article on innovative cardio methods for fat loss and conditioning. In stores now.

March 2020

Muscle & Fitness

The Box Squat – Pg.59

Cash me on page 59 of the march issue of muscle & fitness magazine for my box squat article.

February / March 2020

Inside Fitness

Form Follows Function

Get yours like nas.
I’m in the February/March 2020 issue of Inside Fitness magazine, with my article on page 154 called “Form Follows Function”.

January 2020


New Muscle Moves

Cash me on page 52 of TRAIN magazine’s January 2020 issue to start the year off right. I have a four page article called “new muscle moves” that serves as something of a highlight reel to underappreciated lifts in my view. In stores now. How bout dah?

December 2019

Inside Fitness

Stretching: You’re Doing it Wrong

I’m back in print, this time with Inside Fitness Magazine. Get your copy and flip to page 146, for a two page feature called “Stretching: You’re Doing it Wrong”, written by none other. That’s my 13th print appearance for the year - a good place to close things out.

Holidays 2019


Leverage your Strength

I have a 2 page article in the Holiday issue of TRAIN Magazine (page 46-47) called “Leverage your Strength”. Keeping the streak alive.

November 2019

Muscle & Fitness

Walk the Plank

Catch me on page 48 of the november issue of muscle and fitness magazine. i’ve got a short one page article on core training. in stores now!

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