It seems like it's getting trendy to be offended.

It’s 2021, and lots has changed with the global landscape. Fitness has certainly been one industry that’s been hit hard by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that’s no surprise. It’s made for some time to think about the condition of the industry, especially since 3 quarters of my city doesn’t have access to a gym to work out.  Amid the frenetic scramble to makeshift gyms or rummage together old workout equipment as a means to an end, living room workouts have become the growing norm – cause, let’s face it – It’s either that or sedentary living.

This is the most vanilla fitness article you didn’t know you needed to read. Cause the name of the game is sustainability.

 When I thought about releasing a blog intended to get people motivated to make changes to help their fitness, I deliberately avoided doing so in the first couple of weeks of January, 2021. It would have been a little too contrived. The whole “new year’s fitness resolution” thing usually begins to fade come February, and that’s most often the case because of the way “fitness” is approached in the name of resolve.

And a different spin on the movie thing, since this year was a wash.

I could go into a lengthy disquisition about my professional experiences or achievements from this year, but I’d have a feeling that I was ignoring an elephant in the room.

There’s no secret: There’s something that has frustrated not only me, but the entire world – at least to some degree. It’s disrupted our normalcy and tampered with everyone’s ability to function, recreate, and work without some form of adjustment. And we all know what that is.


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