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You Avoid Bad Trainers. Don’t Be a Bad Client.

I figured this was fitting. There’s an abundance of articles written by trainers, and partially for trainers, detailing all the particulars that a prudent consumer would be wise to acknowledge…


 Hypocrisy in a 90 Dollar Gitch I think it’s oddly fitting that the morning after I started working on this, Facebook and Instagram went down for a while due to…

STOP Cherry Picking your Fitness Goals!

Coddle Culture? In a world where everyone has a public platform to speak their mind – regardless of whether they should – it seems we’ve fallen into a pigeonhole of…

Stuff I Learned in 2018

This is year 7 . That’s how many years in a row I’ve done this particular blog article, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.  Not only is it…

Running: Final Verdict

I’ve spoken at length on the rampant extremism that exists within the fitness community. People take polarizing approaches suited to their personal preferences, and even apply that approach to their…

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