Whether you have all the degrees, all the muscles, or none of either - Society is teaching you a lesson. You just need to look.

The commercialized, most profitable aspect of fitness has made the majority of the world view it as another form of popular culture and entertainment. Not a necessity. 

Many people use fitness and health as something of a facilitator to a good time, a social endeavor, or a way to meet new people. This is the culture that’s most pervasive, and as long as platforms larger than those of “real training” exist, I don’t expect much of that to change.

You've trained for years and justified your strength. Now it's time to plan for the long game. That means listening to your body more, and a program less.

For most people reading this, it goes without saying; you’d be a fool to enter the gym without a training goal. Anything outside of this structure is a waste of your time as a lifter. And I’d usually agree. But my age and personal experiences have me singing a different tune at this point in the game. It’s likely an unpopular opinion subject to ridicule from purists – but I believe there’s a time and place for fitness goals.

Most people shouldn’t run to get in shape. They should get in shape to run.

This pandemic has brought out the best of the innovators, as they’ve been able to make ends meet with home training programs in the absence of their precious barbells and dumbbells.

That’s commendable, since for many, it’s more difficult to transition away from a classic gym setting to one more poorly equipped. These days, when I drive the streets of Toronto, a quick glance at most sidewalks reminds me of the other method people are using to cope with gym closures: Running.

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