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July 2017

Muscle & Performance

Core Moves You’ve Never Tried

Flip to page 41 of the July issue of Muscle & Performance and you'll find my 5 page feature "Core Moves You've Never Tried". No crunches here!

June 2017


Head in the Game

The June issue of TRAIN contains my new article on the importance of neck training and head positioning during major lifts. Get it while you can!

June 2017

Muscle & Performance

The Ultimate Split Stance Training Guide

Grab the June issue of Muscle & Performance to see my 6 page feature that will get you stronger one leg at a time.

May 2017

Muscle & Fitness

Put it in Reverse

Pick up the May issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine and flip to page 66 for my push up variation tutorial. If that's not enough, check out my 8 page feature "Build your V" on pages 140-147!

April 2017

Muscle & Fitness

Train for your Body Type

Pick up the April issue of Muscle & Fitness, for my full length feature on training variations for your anatomical differences (pg. 122-127).

March 2017

Muscle & Fitness

Strike Back

Grab the March issue of Muscle & Fitness to see my awesome workout to attack your back like no tomorrow (page 64).

March/April 2017


How To Accessorize

Pick up the March/April issue of Oxygen to get the details on corrective exercises that work. My 6 page feature starts on page 58.

February 2017

Inside Fitness

Project Winter Muscle

Catch me in the February issue of Inside Fitness for my 4 page feature (pg.148-151) that gives you a size and strength program for the ages.

February 2017

Muscle & Fitness

Climb the Ladder

Get your copy of Muscle & Fitness for February. My article "Climb the Ladder" (pg 58) will torch your legs and make them grow.

January/February 2017

Men's Fitness

Perfect Body Game Plan

Glad to contribute to the 8 Page section in Men's Fitness magazine, to give the lowdown on building glutes (pg. 98). Get your copy.

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