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November 2016

Muscle & Performance

The Rush-Hour Workout

Get your copy of Muscle & Performance Magazine for my quick feature on page 26, for a conditioning workout for the ages.

November 2016

Inside Fitness

Glute Guide for Men

Grab the November issue of Inside Fitness, and check my feature on page 92-96... if you want great glutes, that is.

October 2016

Muscle & Performance

The Groundwork Training Guide

On page 46 of the October issue of Muscle & Performance, you can take in my feature article on mastering bodyweight staple exercises.  As a bonus, I'm in there again on page 26 with my small feature "Complexes for a Shredded Physique".

October 2016

Inside Fitness

Hypertrophy 101

Grab the October issue of Inside Fitness and flip to page 94 for my 5 page feature that zeroes in on the assistance moves you should be doing for size.

September 2016

Muscle & Performance

Unconventional Arms

Grab the September issue of Muscle & Performance for my unconventional arms workout that doesn't rely on curls for the girls (page 52 - 57). Plus, catch me two more times in the same issue for strength and fat loss articles.
The UK edition of Men's Health is out for August, and it's got my full page feature on the TRX burpee on page 19. Get your copy!

July/August 2016

Inside Fitness Women's

Go Ahead, Jump!

Be sure to grab hold of the July/August issue of IFM Women for my 4 page feature on how to safely jump and land (pg. 86-90). In stores now!

July/August 2016

Inside Fitness

Guide to Summer Abs

Check out the July/August issue of Inside Fitness Magazine, for my 7 page template for strong abs that show. Don't miss a step!

June 2016

Muscle & Performance

Overhead Pressing Playbook

The do's and dont's of Overhead Pressing have arrived, on page 22 of the June issue of Muscle & Performance Magazine. Pick up your copy.
The June issue of Oxygen has 2 of my features in it, including full guides on how to warm up and squat variations that work for you. Pick it up in stores!

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