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I’m Not Qualified To Be A Trainer

Fairly often, I receive emails from readers to give me direct feedback on my work. The topics could range from specific programming queries as outlined in an article, to disagreements…

Leave Barack Obama Alone

The President of the United States was surreptitiously recorded doing a workout in a Polish gym, it seems.  As is the going trend, pundits on the web have had a…

Why Fitness Is A Dying Industry

When you take a second to think about things in popular culture, we get plenty of examples where society disgraces the classics in an attempt to be different, new-wave, or…

A Brief Lesson In Troll Etiquette

If you’ve been following my work for any appreciable period of time, you’ll know that I don’t have much tolerance for trolls. These pencil-necked languishers (whom I’m still confident spawn…

Are You A Strength Coach Or A Life Coach?

I think the wave of technology has gotten to us. These days, it’s really easy to get quick popularity if you make proper use of social media vehicles like Facebook,…

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