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How To Move Vol. 3 – Push Ups And Pull Ups

 As the last 2 volumes of this series have pointed out, the primal moves are important. By extension, I’d like to add two more moves that are highly underrated, and…

How To Move Vol. 2 – Bench Press

As mentioned in my last “How to Move” volume, the importance of learning the basic cues of the fundamental movements is very high indeed. Ensuring you have a foundation set…

Why Anecdote Trumps All In The Fitness World

In class, I learned the anatomy of the body. Muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments – it’s something you just can’t learn thoroughly enough in a weekend crash course. Getting down to…

I FINALLY Give My Take On Crossfit

I’ve watched the wars go on and on as I simply laid back in the cut. The age-old battle between the classic strength and conditioning world and the so-called “crossfit…

Question Of Strength Vol. 2 (Yep, Another One)

You’ve heard it before, and you’re about to hear me chirp it again: Strength is important. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the single most important component of health…

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